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Cattle USA

Our Monday and Wednesday Sales are broadcasted live on Cattle USA!
Visit to regi
ster to bid and watch live

Instructions to Register on CattleUSA
1. Go to
2. Create an account or if you already have an account log in. 
3. Sales that are currently online are at the top of the page. The list is alphabetical and there will be a green "LIVE" button by Platte Livestock. If it is not sale day, scroll down until you find Platte Livestock, which will be listed as a white "OFFLINE" button. 
4. Press "Buyer Approval". This will take you to a page that requests buyer information. Please fill out the necessary information. The more info the better and the quicker that we can approve your request. Then Submit. 
5. Please do not hesitate to call the salebarn and check on the status of your request.
6. If the Platte Livestock button has "Buyer #" listed instead of "Buyer Approval", then that means that you have been approved to bid online for the sales. 
7. You can also request to bid while watching the sale. There will be a blue icon that reads "Register to Bid". Please push this and you will be taken through the above steps.
8. Once you have submitted the information to any salebarn, this will become the information that you submit by default each time you request to bid at any barn. If you information changes at any time, you should update that information. You can do this by clicking the icon of the person in the right hand corner. Click Manage Profile. This will allow you to update and save new information.
9. If you have any questions please call Platte Livestock Market at 1-800-33


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