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About Us

Platte Livestock Market was founded in 1939 on the southend of Platte. Since there weren't scales all livestock was sold strictly by the head and corn cribs were used as pens. After a fire in January of 1988 a group of investors got together to organize and fund the construction of a new salebarnThe new salebarn was rebuilt 1 mile west of Platte. Current owners, Marshall Ringling and Scott Kirsch, bought into the business in 1999 and became the sole owners in 2004.

Family is at the core of every great business, and the same goes for ours, our loyal customers and employees are our family. We pride ourselves on getting the best price for our customers livestock while also providing the best customer service possible. Finally, we believe in fighting for the independent farmers and ranchers who are the backbone of our great nation. 

Marshall and Mary Ringling Family


Scott and Chantelle Kirsch Family

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